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487 Anonymous
>>486 fuk off
486 Anonymous
guys how do I download Minecraft sex mod? I need help with it
485 Anonymous
best greentext i've read in my entire life tbh
484 Anonymous
>my name is alan aardvark > I have to go first >Nurse demands For me to take off my pants >I refurse >She wrestles me down, and gets a magnifying glass real close to my crotch >close my eyes and scream the guile theme at the top of my lungs >She unzips my pants, the smell of sphagetti, cream and shit leaks out >she pukes on my dick >get expelled FUCKING PENIS INSPECTION DAY
483 Anonymous
>Be 10 >playing pokemon on shitter before school >Bus comes outside >I still havent wiped >Mom yells I have to go >Have horrible poison ivy on crotch >Pour a bunch of cream on my penis, put on my pants and run to the bus >Girl I like sits next to me >asks me if ive ever been kissed >I take out my gameboy >She starts whispering in my ear >I start sweating >I look down >The cream is seeping through my jeans, making it look like i cummed >She notices >I notice >I open my fannie pack to grab some kleenexes >My sphagetti falls out all over >I start sweating more >Realize i forgot to wipe my ass >The entire bus smells like shit and sphagetti >bus gets to school >Try and run to bathroom >teacher catches me >its penis inspection day
482 Anonymous
>>480 fuck off
481 Anonymous

480 Anonymous

Black gay men
479 Anonymous
>>478 pussy destroyer
478 Anonymous

477 Anonymous

i just shitted my fucking pants picrel is me
476 Nick. H .Ger
Poggers astolfo
475 Anonymous

>>473 because windows is best operating system linux sucks because it cant even play audio correctly and i cant use my printer fucker shit head
474 Anonymous
Why is his name Nick, and why is his last name Gah
473 Anonymous

Why aren't you using Gentoo, Anon?
472 Anonymous
>>471 Hello Luna
471 Anonymous
>>469 fucking cringe, femboys are hot, i would also love to have my organs rearranged and loved by a femboy top
470 Anonymous
>>467 stupid
469 Anonymous

468 Anonymous
>>467 mental illness
467 Anonymous

What is your opinion on this?
466 Anonymous
465 Anonymous
e621 is based
464 Anonymous
shut up dexxo
463 Anonymous
The new icon reminds me of e26-
462 Anonymous
hello farmers
461 Anonymous
Hello Anon
460 Anonymous
>>459 install gentoo
459 It works!
This is the default welcome page used to test the correct operation of the Apache2 server after installation on Debian systems. If you can read this page, it means that the Apache HTTP server installed at this site is working properly. You should replace this file (located at /var/www/html/index.html) before continuing to operate your HTTP server. If you are a normal user of this web site and don't know what this page is about, this probably means that the site is currently unavailable due to maintenance. If the problem persists, please contact the site's administrator.
458 Anonymous
>>457 I don't use r*ddit, but alright. Keep crying.
457 Anonymous
>>456 go get your upd**ts cuck
456 Anonymous
>>453 How was that r*ddit-like at all?
455 Anonymous
Hello farmers from iron 1.2
454 Anonymous
r*ddit cucks lol
453 Anonymous
452 Anonymous
>>451 Anon never delivers.
451 Anonymous
>>450 Anon never fucking responds
450 Anonymous
>>449 what does rautafarmi look like on plan9/9front? send pics!
449 Anonymous
sup farmers, typing this from 9front!
448 Anonymous
447 Anonymous
Good morning farmers!
446 Anonymous
hello anons
445 Anonymous
445 post
444 Anonymous
444 get
443 Anonymous
>>441 stellar
442 Anonymous
>439: Fine
441 Anonymous
what statusbar software do you use? I use candybar.
440 Anonymous
>>438 >>439 Hello Anon
439 Anonymous
Hello 438, how are you?
438 Anonymous
heyo people
437 jan Luna
436 Anonymous
Try setting your nick to 'Crytoinimi' retards
435 Anonymous
>>433 hello luna
434 Anonymous
>>433 Do you use a Penium?
433 test

me when the
432 anon

Dad's best friend - aww look at him he looks just like his daddy Dad - yeah...
431 Anonymous
>:( >>:)
430 Anonymous
>>428 just get imgbb
429 Anonymous
retard can't use imgur kek
428 somone
pls add copy paste image this sucks ass >:(
427 someone

Dad's best friend - aww look at him he looks just like his daddy Dad - yeah...
426 someone
bruh :/
425 someone

ok now
424 someone
423 someone

Dad's best friend - aww look at him he looks just like his daddy Dad - yeah...
422 Anonymous
>>421 you're probably 13
421 Anonymous
>>420 smoke weed everyday
420 idiot is back
Good afternoon!
419 Anonymous
418 idiot is back
The idiot is back!
417 Anonymous
Hello from iron!
416 Anonymous
Hello farmers
415 idiot
My nickname is very cool
414 Anonymous the second
Test 2
413 Anonymous
411 Anonymous
>>409 one thing, I don't know why, it doesn't even matter how hard you try
410 Anonymous

hey guys watch this video it totally doesn't contain gore, violence, and pornography
409 Anonymous

it starts with
408 Anonymous
>> This is a reply > This is green text! SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :soy:
407 Anonymous
406 Anonymous
Hello jacob, I'm anon
405 jacob
404 Anonymous
403 anonymous
hi from a webtv!
402 Anonymous

picrel works :D
401 Anonymous
Hello Anon
400 Anonymous
speedie trying iron, bloats up rautafarmi :D
399 Anonymous

398 Anonymous
test https://speedie.gq/img/imaginaryimage.avi
397 Anonymous

396 Anonymous
test https://test
395 Anonymous

test test https://example.com
394 Anonymous

test test
393 Anonymous

test test
392 Anonymous
test 2 https://image.test/image.png
391 Anonymous
test https://speedie.gq/img/4chan.gif
390 Anonymous
This is a message, and it contains an image.. Maybe.. https://speedie.gq/img/4chan.gif
389 Anonymous
Works now i think
388 Anonymous
..and again
387 Anonymous

Hello from iron 1.1 :D
386 Anonymous
385 Anonymous
This is new, less shitty insert mode
384 Anonymous
I am a retard and forgot to remove the old curl, oops
383 Anonymous
382 Anonymous
381 Anonymous
New insert mode that sucks less
380 Anonymous
New insert mode that sucks less
379 Anonymous
378 Anonymous
377 Anonymous
376 Anonymous
375 Anonymous
374 Anonymous
373 Anonymous
Morning farmers
372 Anonymous
>>371 good day Anon
371 Anonymous
good day frens
370 Anonymous
369 Anonymous
Yet another test
368 Anonymous
367 Anonymous

366 ur mom
how did ashitya find this place
365 Anonymous
>>364 https://donut.gq/sandbox/junk/paket-adityaix.mp4
364 Anonymous

ctrlhd... more like indihd internet paketi service.
363 Anonymous
>>362 Only anons allowed
362 Anonymous

>>361 >namefag desperately trying to insult people
361 CtrlHD
Discord is the best fucktard. Fuck off anonymous idiot
360 Anonymous
>>358 kys discordfag
359 Anonymous
>>358 fuck you bitch
358 CtrlHD
https://discord.gg/fUqVXmSmAe join lmao
357 CtrlHD
Hello speedie!
356 Anonymous
>355 yes
355 Anonymous
>This is greentext
354 Anonymous
353 Anonymous

352 Anonymous

Vuan on hyvvee piirakkoo 👍 välliin sipulija, aarraa, jalapenoo, tsuppija, snappija, suolakurkkuva, munnoo, valakosipulsoosoossia, juusttoo, lenkkijä 😋👌
351 Anonymous
>>350 Hello Anon
350 anon
I give up using this nickname, full anonymous here i come!
349 ur mom
>348 are u a human or a kernel
This option enables sideband register access support for Intel SoC platforms. On these platforms the IOSF sideband is used in lieu of MSR's for some register accesses, mostly but not limited to thermal and power. Drivers may query the availability of this device to determine if they need the sideband in order to work on these platforms. The sideband is available on the following SoC products. This list is not meant to be exclusive. - BayTrail - Braswell - Quark You should say Y if you are running a kernel on one of these SoC's.
347 Anonymous
>>346 what the fuck
346 Anonymous
345 Anonymous
ew jewtube soyrts
344 Anonymous
343 Anonymous
>>340 >>341 there is an excuse: fuck your bullshit
342 Anonymous
>>341 I have none, I already use BASEDsh
341 Anonymous

Your excuse for not using picrel, Anon?
340 Anonymous

Your excuse for not using picrel, Anon?
339 Anonymous
338 Anonymous
morning 337
337 Anonymous
good morning router farmers
336 Anonymous
>>335 cacti are pricks
335 Anonymous
Opinion on cactus?
334 Anonymous

haha, 1!
333 Anonymous
hitler must be proud
332 Anonymous

>inb4 the webzis come back
331 Anonymous
>>>330 cut ur veins and stfu
330 Anonymous
>>326 kys
329 Anonymous
>>>328 I didn't ask jan Luna
328 Anonymous
>>326 shut the fuck up dexxo
327 Anonymous
rip in deez
325 Anonymous
rip in piss
324 Anonymous

It's over bros
323 Anonymous
good day, anons
322 Anonymous
Hello Anon
321 Anonymous
I'm going to drink my own piss goodbye
320 Anonymous
well.. now i can
319 Anonymous
rip in piss can't post from iron anymore
318 Anonymous
And this.. right?
317 Anonymous
And this
316 Anonymous
And so is this.
315 Anonymous
This is another post.
314 Anonymous
This is a post posted using Insert mode in iron.
313 Anonymous

312 Anonymous
https://speedie.gq/img/freesoftware.gif another
311 Anonymous
310 Anonymous
This is a test https://speedie.gq/img/suckless.png
309 Anonymous

308 Anonymous
307 Anonymous

this is yet another test :D https://speedie.gq/img/4chan.gif
306 Anonymous
https://example.com/img.png is cool
305 Anonymous
test 6 https://test.com/idk.png
304 Anonymous
test 5 or something https://test.png
303 Anonymous
test 4 or something https://best.image.ever/imaginary-image.png
302 Anonymous
test https://test.com/test.png
301 Anonymous
test 3 https://test.com/test.png
300 Anonymous

299 Anonymous
298 Anonymous
test 2 https://example.com/img.png
297 Anonymous
Will iron use this? https://test.com/idk.png
296 Anonymous
This is a test, posting an image link and seeing if iron will use it https://i.ibb.co/4pnptLJ/screenshot.png
295 Anonymous
294 Anonymous
>>293 I'm listening to local music. MPD! :D
293 Anonymous

anyone listening to radio vlna?
292 Anonymous
291 Anonymous
I'm 290 message
290 Anonymous

289 Anonymous
288 Anonymous

What's your excuse for using SystemD, Anon?
287 Anonymous
guys wtf do i do my rautafarmi is spinning does this have something to do with the shady CSS i pasted into my custom css plugin please help me anons!!
This option enables sideband register access support for Intel SoC platforms. On these platforms the IOSF sideband is used in lieu of MSR's for some register accesses, mostly but not limited to thermal and power. Drivers may query the availability of this device to determine if they need the sideband in order to work on these platforms. The sideband is available on the following SoC products. This list is not meant to be exclusive. - BayTrail - Braswell - Quark You should say Y if you are running a kernel on one of these SoC's.
285 Anonymous

284 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
Enjoy the fact that your retarded messages will be in the preview image
282 Anonymous
>>274 YOUR SHIT xDDDD 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
281 Anonymous
>>280 Lol deanoned
280 anonona
>>278 ok jorn (but same)
279 Anonymous
>>lool ol ol l lo > looll l o ll asdjiasjioasjio
278 Anonymous

I wish I had these
277 Anonymous
>this is green text if you're using the unreleased version of iron
276 Anonymous

here's a professional tip for all my fellow DOOMers out there
275 Anonymous
>>274 what shit exactly?
274 Anonymous
bro this shit sucks
273 Anonymous
272 anon
271 Anonymous
270 Anonymous
whoops Lmao
269 Anonymous

>>268 i love rautafarmi <3
268 Anonymous

<4chan >has captchas >infested with /pol/tards <rautafarmi >no captchas >no accounts >only logs IP for banning >community is civil for anonymous messageboard standards Make your choice.
267 Anonymous
this is a message with multiple lines test
266 Anonymous
>>264 i like gentoo because it's faster than other linux distros
265 Anonymous
>>263 >says the anon who tried ONCE per their life to torrent something
264 Anonymous

what's your favorite operating system and why, Anon?
263 Anonymous
>>262 get rekt, torrent user
262 Anonymous
only 2 peers torrenting and the download speed is slow :C
261 Anonymous
anon 259 can i have the wallpaper? :)
260 Anonymous
>>253 get a life
259 Anonymous

install pic rel
258 Anonymous
heheyyy I got the 256 get
257 Anonymous
>>256 i don't have a good topic to revive the chat :C
256 Anonymous

nobody is posting :C
255 Anonymous
>>253 >i.imgur.com USE A BETTER IMAGE HOST
254 Anonymous
>>252 i like the domain tho
253 Anonymous

>>252 >home.nezlabs.ml:2000 deanon'd
252 Anonymous

251 Anonymous
> imgur you better use something else 250
250 Anonymous

249 Anonymous
>>248 lol &?
248 Anonymous

247 Anonymous

246 Anonymous
oh and i'm just keeping them on my laptop. i'm not like others (not in general) who sells pirated content
245 Anonymous

test 2
244 Anonymous
>>242 i know.
243 Anonymous
242 Anonymous
>>241 but it's illegal regards: moralfag
241 Anonymous
>>240 i'm using vpn. also torrenting is a bit safer if you use a vpn
240 Anonymous
>>239 policetipp'd
239 Anonymous
>>115 https://i.ibb.co/y0VNNMr/screenshot.png brb torrenting Lmao
238 Anonymous
i like gay corn
237 Anonymous
hi :D
236 Anonymous
Hi :D
235 Anonymous
Hi :D
234 Anonymous
if you use nicks, you're stupid
233 anonona
>>232 yeah no fucking shit
232 Anonymous
dsi sucks for web browsing
231 anonona
>>228 looks hot
230 anon
>>228 its amazing
229 Anonymous
rautafarmi users are based
228 Anonymous
what do you think of the new stylesheet?
227 TheActingAddict
First Message.
226 Anonymous
please consider not fucking up the api kthx
225 Anonymous
good morning anon
224 Anonymous
Hello fellas
223 Anonymous
I'm really hungry
222 Anonymous
This is a message composed with it's ':e' command.
221 Anonymous
hello from iron $(date +%T)
220 Anonymous
n word
219 Anonymous
school kinda sucks
218 Anonymous
lulz api cannot be parsed anymore
217 Anonymous
215 anonona
>>214 because i felt like it.
214 Anonymous
>>213 why are you using a nick
213 anonona
good morning
212 Anonymous
good morning farmers
211 Anonymous
rautafarmi rewrite in cock eta wen
210 anona
should probably be lipu Lawutafalimi but whatever
209 anonona
good morning ilo Lawutafalimi
208 Anonymous
hello 206 :)
207 Anonymous
this is a test message
206 Anonymous
morning 205
205 Anonymous
morning everyone i'm tired as hell...
204 Anonymous
good morning just woke up and I can't go back to sleep fuck
203 anon
>>202 hi
202 Anonymous
201 anonona
200 Anonymous
200th message posted with it :D
199 Anonymous
198 Anonymous
Posting using iron
197 Anonymous
'posting using curl test'
196 anon
well, i do like text boards more then image boards
195 Anonymous
Good day from new 2DS
194 Anonymous
193 Anonymous
this is much better than 4chat. but 4chan have threads which here doesn't
192 anon
>>188 hello!
191 Anonymous
>>189 i will try but nothing comes out from my head
190 Anonymous
>>188 hello anon
189 anon
>>187 just say something idk, that always revives the chat
188 Anonymous
Good day from DSi
187 Anonymous
dead rautafarmi chat :( and i don't have a topic to start the chat again :/
186 Anonymous
>>183 can you just stfu?
185 anon
>>183 i would atleast be liquified as a good person, not as a retard
184 Anonymous
>>177 no
183 Anonymous
>>175 Please go liquify yourself
182 anon
>>177 noo :(
181 Anonymous
flesruoy tihs
180 Anonymous
>177 yes
179 Anonymous
>>177 yes
178 Anonymous
>>154 lmao shit yourself
177 Anonymous
rautafarmi sysop here, should the username field be removed?
176 Anonymous
>>173 stfu
175 anon
>>173 fuck you retard, die
174 anon
Holy shit i just got electrified
173 Anonymous
>>171 fucking die in a fucking fuck fuc,k if you had made this site you'd deserve XSS exploits and droptable
172 Anonymous
anon being >>169 again :D
171 anon
Wait, i am 69 and 169, based
170 Anonymous
I can't believe it's been 100 messages since >>69 already
169 anon
>>168 fuck you
This option enables sideband register access support for Intel SoC platforms. On these platforms the IOSF sideband is used in lieu of MSR's for some register accesses, mostly but not limited to thermal and power. Drivers may query the availability of this device to determine if they need the sideband in order to work on these platforms. The sideband is available on the following SoC products. This list is not meant to be exclusive. - BayTrail - Braswell - Quark You should say Y if you are running a kernel on one of these SoC's.
167 Anonymous
>>166 yay :D
166 anon
Yay we safe from xss
165 Anonymous
that is cool
164 Anonymous
you can post now
163 Anonymous
it works i guess
162 Anonymous
hello? it does work?
161 Anonymous
160 Anonymous
this is why we can't have nice things
159 anon
158 Anonymous
rautafarmi swears me Lmao
157 Anonymous
>>155 kiwifarms != ironfarms
156 Anonymous
155 anon
>>152 i swear if rautafarmi turns into kiwifarms i am removing access to myself
154 Anonymous
153 Anonymous
>>150 anon i'm someone else Lmao
152 Anonymous
>>150 retard this is now retardfarmi (retardfarms)
151 Anonymous
hello anons lets dance together <o/ |@| / \
150 anon
>>149 being horny real
149 Anonymous
148 anon
>>145 depends on who you ask, for me, yes
147 Anonymous
>>145 as far as the user can see, yes IP addresses are stored but only for ban purposes https://donut.gq/rautafarmi/privacy-policy.php
146 anon
>>143 wtf, bet
145 Anonymous
is rautafarmi 100% anon?
144 Anonymous
iron will not have a config file, already removed the code for it.
143 Anonymous
>>139 >>142 fuck you + suck my girldick
142 anon
>>137 anon being selective hm, fuck you
141 Anonymous
>>137 go outside anon
140 Anonymous
>>137 what the fuck
139 anon
>>136 yes, until jorn decides to open up her logs
138 Anonymous
finally figured out jq properly
137 Anonymous
>>133 >>129 >>127 >>127 >>122 >>119 >>114 >>112 >>109 >>108 >>104 >>102 >>101 >>95 >>93 >>90 >>88 >>85 >>81 >>74 >>69 >>66 >>59 >>55 >>51 >>47 kill yourself
136 Anonymous
>133 nope, anons rule!!!!
135 Anonymous
>>133 me too
134 anon
>>132 yes.
133 anon
Excited for the day when someone will eventually figure out who is who
132 Anonymous
>>129 rautafarmi is awesome :D
131 anon
>>128 >child porn will not be added based
130 Anonymous
>>128 >writing rchat-improved Cool i guess
129 anon
Rautafarmi went from being an ad board to a chat service, nice job
128 Anonymous
writing rchat-improved, what features does anon want? child porn will not be added, sorry not sorry.
127 anon
>>125 nope
126 Anonymous
>>125 no thanks
125 Pepsiman
124 Anonymous
lmao ok
123 Anonymous
>>122 i know Lmao
122 anon
>>121 desktops also have hdds, you know that, right?, not even has their new flagship ssd
121 Anonymous
>>117 Laptop retards deserve it. PC>*
120 Anonymous
>>119 ik. luckily my hdd have 7200 rpm speed
119 anon
>>115 its more technical then this, "breaks laptops" is a stupid statement, it just has a specific rpm that old 5200 RPM HDDS hear and panic to, causing them to crash
118 Anonymous
>glowing skull shifter knob opening riff of bad to the bone
117 Anonymous
>>116 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-y3RGeaxksY
116 Anonymous
>>115 A link would be appreciated.
115 Anonymous
>>113 i'm not like that Lmao okay so does anyone saw that video on yewtube with the "Rhythm Nation" song? which can break laptops
114 anon
>>113 says the person that is literally relayed to a discord channel
113 Anonymous
>>109 >>111 Maybe start a discussion instead of screaming "DEAD CHAT XDD" like those prepubescent kids on Shitcord.
112 anon
>>110 great argument
111 Anonymous
we don't have a topic to talk about
110 Anonymous
>>108 >2022 >thinks webui is uncomfortable >but it's light mode!! Use stylus and write your own stylesheet. >b-but that's hard!!! * { background-color: #000000; color: #ffffff } That wasn't too hard, was it? >web ui is not as easy to use!!!! That's to keep the normies out. If you're finding this simple form difficult, it means it's working.
109 anon
Death of the rautafarmi
108 anon
>>107 yes, because why not, its more comfortable then the web ui
107 Anonymous
>>106 rchat shill detected
106 anon
rchat for new rautafarmi would be great
105 Anonymous
>>103 LMAO
104 anon
>>103 yes, atleast proud of getting 69th
103 Anonymous
>>101 get fucked nerd.
102 anon
101 anon
100 Anonymous
people who aren't anonymous are retards get
99 Anonymous
>>97 holy shit public nsfw!!
98 Anonymous
>>96 i agree
97 Anonymous
>>95 the rautafarmi mascot's dick is actually the bone
96 Anonymous
86 apparently wants one more bone in their body.
95 anon
>>94 skeleton dick!
94 Anonymous
i don't know. if 86 wants to be fucked by a skeleton... lol
93 anon
>>88 i mean its bottom, yes
92 Anonymous
>>85 http://fecalfunny.com
91 Anonymous
>>88 https://donut.gq/rautafarmi/beta-icon.png does this look like a skeleton to you?
90 anon
>>89 how
89 Anonymous
sex with a skeleton lmao
88 anon
87 Anonymous
>>86 come to your home with the hammer? :)
86 Anonymous
>>82 i wish rautafarmi's mascot came to my house and came all over me <3
85 anon
>>83 lmao pissed
84 Anonymous
oh no... fight at rautafarmi
83 Anonymous
82 Anonymous
i love rautafarmi <3
81 anon
>>78 hehe
80 Anonymous
>>79 i love it
79 Anonymous
>>75 ah don't stop keep injecting me those smilies
78 Anonymous
>>69 fag
77 Anonymous
its so funny i actually cant take it
76 Anonymous
>>74 very lmao
75 Anonymous
ok i'll
74 anon
Lmao everyone sad because they aren't 69
73 Anonymous
>>71 okay i will :)
72 Anonymous
>>69 i wanted to be 69 >:(
71 anon
>>67 shut up
70 Anonymous
noooo :(
69 anon
68 Anonymous
it might be a default in some shitty client
67 Anonymous
>>66 Try to not use "anon" as nickname .-.
66 anon
>>62 No shit i don't give a fuck
65 Anonymous
nobody will know...
64 Anonymous
can we post memes here?
63 Anonymous
jorn spitting facts
62 Anonymous
>>59 We still know all the posts you've made here, and if one of those leaks your identity, we'll be able to connect the shit you've been talking to your identity.
61 Anonymous
soon to be there
60 Anonymous
yay :D
59 anon
>>58 yet you don't knoe who i am :D
58 Anonymous
>55 Why do you keep setting your nickname to "anon"? I think the only one here who has to practice better opsec is you.
57 Anonymous
heyo normies :)
56 Anonymous
>>54 get a life
55 anon
>>53 You are an idiot
54 Anonymous
>>52 welcome to the rice fields motherfucker
53 janLuna
>>51 My opsec is perfect. --Luna
52 Anonymous
hello farmers
51 anon
>>49 luna get a better opsec >>48 you shut up
50 Anonymous
>>49 my mom is dead
49 >> 48
I will connect my dick to your mother
48 Anonymous
>>47 >username: anon I will connect my fist to your face
47 anon
Because anonymous is fucking huge
46 Anonymous
shut the fuck up
45 Anonymous
>>44 imagine using nicks
44 joshee2004
43 Anonymous
what's a jorn, i only know a man
42 Anonymous
what is your favorite type of fish? I like muigs and bers :DD
41 Anonymous
jornmann is my... fish?
40 Anonymous
who's jornmann? we're all anon here
39 Anonymous
jornmann: opinion on pp?
38 Anonymous
good day everyone, how are you doing?
37 Anonymous
36 Tookdono
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35 Anonymous
why isn't anyone posting :(
34 Anonymous
i3wm was designed by and for RedHat/OpenDesktop.org cucks. They are retards who use and support SystemD and Lennart Poettering. I will assassinate Dictator Poettering. In Minecraft, of course. All hail rms.
33 Anonymous
no one is posting, lame.
32 Anonymous
morning farmers. how's the day been for you so far?
31 Crytoinimi
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27 Crytoinimi
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26 Anonymous
hello chads
25 Anonymous
rautafarmi has an API now. https://donut.gq/rautafarmi/api.php it supports GET requests, so if you wanted to get the message with the post ID "25", you could go to https://donut.gq/rautafarmi/api.php?postID=25 and you'd get the message. thanks!
This option enables sideband register access support for Intel SoC platforms. On these platforms the IOSF sideband is used in lieu of MSR's for some register accesses, mostly but not limited to thermal and power. Drivers may query the availability of this device to determine if they need the sideband in order to work on these platforms. The sideband is available on the following SoC products. This list is not meant to be exclusive. - BayTrail - Braswell - Quark You should say Y if you are running a kernel on one of these SoC's.
23 Anonymous
kill yourself crytoinimitards
22 Anonymous
21 Crytoinimi
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20 Anonymous
19 Anonymous
>>2 there was an attempt
18 Anonymous
>>11 >>12 >>13 >>14 >>15 >>16 kys cunt
17 Anonymous
good morning farmers
16 Crytoinimi
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10 sexagon
from Windows 2K, IE6. -sex argon win
9 jan
toki, ilo Lawutafalimi
8 Car with drift tuning
Brak bum bum - Vrutututu *angry S15 noises*
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6 Anonymous
bonut 👍
5 Anonymous
4 Hamood Habibi
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3 Hamood Habibi
Benim adım hamood ve türkçe Kodlar severim
2 Viljamin Veli
haha cool site'; DROP TABLE posts;--
1 Anonymous
rautafarmi's new beta version is now up. to view the old rautafarmi, go to https://donut.gq/old-rautafarmi. thanks!

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