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Notice: This page is completely new and because of this, expect missing images, CSS, and pages or links that don't work. Please report such issues, but do expect them.

Hello world, I'm speedie!

Hello world, I'm speedie, a free software enthusiast.

The website you stumbled upon is a personal blog, and all opinions are all my own, honest opinions. It's not just a blog, however my blog is the main part of this website. Feel free to take a look around!

About me

I live in Sweden and have an interest in technology and free software. I'm not really a programmer, I just write code sometimes to get the most of my technology and do things efficiently.

I work on projects sometimes such as:

I've also preserved old (previously) rare channels and other media for the Wii through a now dead community called 'Forwarder Factory' although nowadays I'm not really doing Wii things anymore. See the links below for that.

Occasionally, I will post YouTube videos on my channel, usually technology related.

What software do I use?

On my desktop, I run Gentoo GNU/Linux and on my laptop (ThinkPad X220) I'm running Arch GNU/Linux, speedwm for window manager on top of Xorg. Learn more about the software I use or reproduce my system here.

Where do I go?

Look at the top of the page. There are links that take you somewhere awesome!

Other links that aren't listed can be found further below or through other pages.


Still don't know where to go? Perhaps check out one of the links below.

About this page

I am just as concerned about privacy, security and free software as you. Because of my philosophy, this website does not use a single line of JavaScript as I believe it is unnecessary for 90% of what a website needs to do for the average person!

This also means, the website is basically free in design, and LibreJS compliant. If you're into spyware JavaScript you will not find it here! It should be noted that I do use PHP server-side in order to make maintaining this site easier.

However my entire website, including HTML. CSS, and PHP is available for free and distributed to you under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, which unlike the license I picked for the old website (same license but non-commercial making it nonfree) is free.

The base for this website was designed by emilyd as a concept, and I have expanded on it further. Thanks a lot :D